And If you could, with just one simple click on a link, create a PIN from facebook that links to your blog or site? It would be great, right? Wait…. Just keep reading ;-).

That’s what I am going to teach you! I am so excited that I have to share this great tip with you. Who have discovered this, were my two girl friends Kelly Lieberman and Peg Fitzpatrick in a thread on facebook that I had the privilege of participating too, where they discovered this post from Better Homes and Gardens.

And it is so simple, 3 steps and a just a few seconds…. That’s it!

Before going to the “how to” stuff, I just want to tell you the main point of doing this: INTEGRATION! Cross promoting with your blog or site, on Pinterest, Facebook and the others social media channels is one of the best ways to create engagement and share your content.

All your online strategy must integrate with the “offline” business (see more  about integration on this post), and between all the platforms where we have a presence: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… Only this way, we can use the full potential of all of this tools.

Pinterest Ninja Trick

“How to Pin from facebook and link to your blog”


1. Go to your blog post, the one that you want to share and click on the PIN it button to create a PIN… It will open a window for you to create a PIN, where you can choose the board and add a description, but that’s not what it is important for now…


2. On the window, just copy the url generated. This is the “code” to create the PIN linking to your blog post.


copy link

It will be something like, this:…%20The%20best%20Pinterest%20Ninja%20trick%20Ever!

And it could be just that :-D. But the url is too looooong and not user friendly to share, so you have to do just one more step…


3. Let’s use a link shortner like or or other that you normally use to shorten the link and make it friendly for the users.


past link

For that you only have to paste the link and it will be shortened, just like this:

link to share

Now that you already have the link, just share it on facebook, twitter, google+,… using a great “Call to action”


Where should you use this link?

Back to the Better Homes and Gardens example, they do an awesome job of cross promoting pinterest on their facebook fan page. In this specific case, they have a “Pin of the day” on their facebook page, where they share on of the most popular pins on that day.

Using the link of this mini tutorial and having a compelling call to action “Pin of the Day: Our followers are loving this pin about hydrangea basics! Repin it to your gardening board:” it will boost the interaction and generate lots of pins created directly from facebook. In this post, already originated more than 6000 pins of that image…

As I said BHG is a great case study and, certainly I will get back to them with a post with a more indepth analysis of their strategy.

And you, what tricks do you have about pinterest? Please let me know in the comments below…

PS: thanks Kelly and Peg, you are amazing and I’m always learning with you

UPDATE: Peg Fitzpatrick has made a great post with more insights and tips about the same thread: How to Promote Your Pinterest Pins and Get More Repins FTW!

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  • Danny Maloney

    Love it! Great tip!

    • Ivo Madaleno (Pinstagram Guy)

      Thanks @danny_maloney:disqus, glad you like it! It’s a great trick, I am loving it too 🙂

  • Vincent Ng – MCNG Marketing

    Ivo, this is bloody genius! You have changed the way I see Pinterest.

    • Ivo Madaleno (Pinstagram Guy)

      Thanks Vincent! Feels great to hear that from you. It is a great trick to use everywhere, even on email.

  • Krishna De

    Yes that was an interesting conversation on the group. I had been using a similar approach across my online media to encourage re-pins but the opportunity for people to create a pin is certainly worth experimenting with and seeing which gets the best results.

    You can also use the code to then customise the image if you need to by swapping out the image file link which is useful for some sites that can not optimise images due to the template they are using.

    • Ivo Madaleno (Pinstagram Guy)

      Agree @krishnade:disqus, I have been cross promoting too, but this new approach of Pinning right from facebook, or anywhere you place the link, I think it’s great!

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  • Stillblondeafteralltheseyears

    So you think that original pins are better than repins?

    • Ivo Madaleno (Pinstagram Guy)

      Well… I think it depends. There is no data to backup but both are good 🙂 repins (improve your pinterest account) and from your site( improves your shares and that is good for seo).

      Example: if you want to crosspromote a PIN that is not your creation it is better to have repins, but if you have your own content with this “trick” your followers can create a Pin to your content with one click. Easy for the user and better for everyone.

      But as I said there is no data or “inside” info to backup, just my tests and experience.

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  • Carol Li

    Thanks for sharing this great tip!

    • Ivo Madaleno (Pinstagram Guy)

      My pleasure Carol. Glad you like it 😉